• About us

    Global Renaissance Enterprises specializes in research, policy, and communication in science and global health.

    Innovation comes from multi-disciplinary work and collaboration among difference fields, sectors, and practices. In this way, Global Renaissance Enterprises, LLC, embraces a "Renaissance" approach to solving global problems and engages in projects spanning a wide breadth of topics. The multi-service firm is represented by its own "Renaissance Woman," Dr. Jessica Taaffe, who is a biomedical scientist, classical singer, global health professional, and public speaker.


    Global Renaissance Enterprises works with a range of clients, including domestic and international multilateral organizations, and on diverse projects in international development, global health and science policy, advocacy, and communication. The firm also specializes in knowledge dissemination, science communication, and new media, especially as they relate to influencing global health and science policy, practice, and public awareness. Current and past clients includes UNAIDS, Population Services International, Inis Communications, and Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise.

    Providing consulting services in global health and science research, writing, and outreach.

    Combining technical expertise and communications experience, Global Renaissance Enterprises provides a range of strategic and technical consulting services, including :

    • Research, analysis, and technical support
    • Scientific and global health writing
    • Communications, advocacy, and outreach.
  • What we do

    Research, analysis, and technical support


    Global Renaissance Enterprises has expertise in research, both from the bench and desk sides. From the bench side, the firm has experience designing human and non-human primate research studies in microbiology, immunology, and infectious disease pathogenesis and analyzing its data. From the desk side, projects have included reviewing and assessing scientific data and evidence on global health topics and international development.


    We provide services on projects requiring compilation, analysis, and/or evaluation of biomedical and global health data, including scientific literature review. Our technical support also includes serving as a subject matter expert, evidence-based policy recommendations, and strategic consulting on projects.


    Scientific and global health writing


    Global Renaissance Enterprises has extensive experience writing and authoring scientific publications for academic journals, technical presentations, and policy reports. We also have experience writing advocacy and editorial type pieces for scientific and global health organizations.


    We provide services in scientific and global health writing, through a variety of print (technical reports, scientific briefs, academic manuscripts) and online media (websites, blogs), also including Powerpoint presentations .


    Communications and outreach


    Global Renaissance Enterprises is strongly connected to the science communication and global health policy/advocacy communities, internationally and domestically in Washington, DC. Our experience includes founding and working with global health outreach communities, organizing events, and strategic consulting in social media and outreach. We have worked through multiple media, including live video broadcasts, blogs, and podcasts.


    We provide services in global health and science communications and outreach, including social media strategy and management, event planning and coordination, and public speaking and scientific expert commentary. We also consult on and produce YouTube, film, and documentary projects .


  • Our work

    Examples of the range of work we do and services we provide

    Worm Tales: Guest blog for Global Network

    Talkin' Immunology with BioLegend Podcast

    High Level Meeting on Hepatitis in Athens, Greece

    Dengue: Why You Need To Know About It

    Longitudinal clinical and immunological analysis of SIV-infected sooty mangabeys

    World AIDS Day Report 2015

    This Week in Global Health - Ebola Virus

    NIH Global Health Symposium 2014

    This Week in Global Health - HIV/AIDS

  • Who We are

    Dr. Jessica Taaffe


    Jessica Taaffe, PhD, is a biomedical scientist and global health professional with 10+ years of research experience in the microbiology, immunology, epidemiology, and infectious diseases. Dr. Taaffe has worked in government and academia alike, and with international and multilateral organizations such as UNAIDS and World Bank. Applying her scientific expertise and technical background, Dr. Taaffe has worked on projects involving international development, global health and science policy, advocacy, and communication. She has published widely in academic journals and presented at international scientific and global health meetings. Dr. Taaffe was on the AIDS 2016 Scientific Programme Planning Committee for the international conference in Durban, South Africa.


    Dr. Taaffe is also a recognized communicator on a range of topics, including science, global health, and women in science. She regularly discusses these topics on podcasts, YouTube, and seminars and has been featured in interviews and guest blogs by the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases, Global Health Now, and PLoS Blogs. Dr. Taaffe was named among the 100 Women Leaders in Global Health by The Graduate Institute Geneva and is affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Global Health as an Associate Scholar. She also serves as Prospero Analytics' Senior Science Advisor.


    An accomplished classical singer, Dr. Taaffe sings in the Schola Cantorum at St. Matthew's Cathedral in Washington, DC, and she was named on Future-ish's 2015 and 2016 Top 10 Stylish Scientists - Women list. For more information on Jessica, see her personal website or LinkedIn profile.

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